Target potential customers anytime, anywhere

Alias-Marketing-and-Design-email-marketing-solutions-iconEmail marketing is the process of advertising a company’s goods and services by sending targeted emails to prospective clients using special software.

This special Email Marketing software generates insights into each Email Marketing Campaign sent. Email Marketing Solutions can help you to reach out to the best prospective customer within minutes.

Before the introduction of Email Marketing as a promotional method, it was not easy to reach out to customers abroad. The time consuming process of travelling to an international country, conducting of extensive research were a large drain on resources and time and was beyond the financial capacity for small and medium sized companies. 

Using Email Marketing Solutions,your business is now able to target potential customers at any time and from any part of the world, with one simple click of  the ‘send button’.




Easily manage large databases and track your Email Marketing campaigns

Our Email Marketing Software allows you to easily manage your large customer databases. Segmenting customers into specific lists is simple. Don’t worry if your database is not as big as you would like, we can assist in growing your database to a level your excited about !!.

The reports generated by each campaign allow you as the manager of your business to see exactly what is working effectively and equally as important – what is not ! Easily track results from each of your Email Marketing campaigns and view the responses of your clients to each mail received from you.

Promotion using Email Marketing Solutions will help your company keep current customers up-to-date with information regarding  your business. Along with current customers. Alias Marketing and Design’s Email Marketing Solutions allow you to easily explore new markets by also allowing you to share this information about your business with new customer sign-ups.

Combining our Email Marketing Solutions’ Software with other Digital Marketing Strategies listed below, can gain you a significant competitive edge over your rivals in the Marketplace.

> Social Media Management

Website Design

> SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

> Keyword Research

> Google Places Optimisation

> Copy-writing

> Content Generation & Management