Social Media Management is easy !! Why should I outsource to a Social Media Management Company ?

Alias-Marketing-and-Design---Social-Media-Consultants-Dublin-IrelandThere is no denying Social Media has taken the world by storm and forever changed the way customers interact with your business. No doubt, almost everybody in your organisation engages in Social Media, whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Snapchat or one of the many other platforms available.

So then, if almost everybody in my organisation regularly engages with their Social Media account, why should I outsource my Company’s Social Media to a Social Media Management Company ?

The answer is plain and simple, engaging effective Social Media activity requires Creativity, Digitial Marketing knowledge, quick access to quality Professional Graphic Designers and most of all a lot of time. Many businesses have a group of people who have been charged to look after the organisation’s Social Media in addition to their usual work-load.

On many occasions this additional work load is unwanted and can negatively affect a person’s performance in the workplace. Without a clearly defined strategy and targets,a business’ Social Media accounts may struggle to attract engagement from it customers.


What can our Social Media Management team offer your business ?

> Social Media Strategy Audits – How are we doing ? Have your accounts current performance assessed by our Social Media Management Team, and determine what areas could be improved.

> Social Media Insights Reports – Confused ? What do all these figure mean ?! Have your insights reports dissected and explained by our Social Media Management Team, in plain English we all understand. Find out what has been working for you to date.

> Competitor Reports – Find out what your competitors are up to with a clearly detailed report. Let us analyse and assess your competitors. How well are they doing ? How does your Business compare ?

> Brand Monitoring – The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Discover where your brand is being discussed and what is being said about it.

> Social Media Strategy – You take it from here !!. If you would prefer to look after your Social Media Management under our initial guidance. Our Social Media Management Team can craft an effective strategy for your Business to use going forward. We can re-evaluate it, in the short-term, and give it a re-tweak if required to reflect changes in your industry.

> Social Media Training – Discover that Marketing star you’ve had all along on your team. We offer in-house staff training at all levels from Beginner to Advanced. Reap the benefits of the hours  our Social Media Management Team spend reading Marketing blogs and Journal !

> Social Media Page and Profile redesignsTime for a change. Ideal if you’re happy with your how your Social Media pages and profiles are performing, but fancy a little touch up graphically. Our Graphic Design Studio can create something stunning to fit right in with your brand image. Is it time for a new Facebook new cover pic ? Does your Business need a new Twitter Background design ? Perhaps your new Youtube account needs new Channel art ?